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Breast Augmentation Singapore

Breast Augmentation Singapore

With women of all ages and backgrounds, breast augmentation surgery (also called a boob job) has become very popular.  With the ever increasing numbers of clients, the technology used in breast enhancement surgery has evolved greatly.  Likewise, surgeons have worked hard to make the recovery for breast augmentation as easy and comfortable for their patients.

A lot of information is out there to help you recover quickly with maximum comfort after your surgical procedure.

Here’s some tips that will help you recover better:

Nausea Medicines:
It is common for recovering patients to feel a bit of nausea while in the breast augmentation recovery period.  In the past, doctors didn’t always recommend using anti-nausea medicine before or after the surgical procedure.  However, with advancements in medicine and technology, doctors can suggest anti-nausea drugs like Phenegran and Zofran to reduce nausea.

Skin Creams:
After breast augmentation surgery you can have symptoms like redness, swelling, and skin discoloration of the breasts.  This usually happens because of the skin is stretched during the implant procedure.   Although many of these symptoms go away after some weeks, doctors can also recommend and prescribe lotions and skin creams effective in dealing with tenderness, swelling, and skin discoloration.

Anti-Sensitivity Pads:
Many women suffer from erect and sensitive nipples after having breast augmentation surgery.  Doctors recommend using nursing pads (usually used by lactating women) to prevent sensitivity in the nipples.

Scar Reduction:
Many women who go through the surgery experience scars on their breasts caused by the necessary incisions made during the procedure.  Doctors recommend that their patients protect their scars from sunlight.  One of the ways you can do this is to wear sunscreen and prevent your scars from exposure. Doctors can also recommend and prescribe topical gels and surgical tape surgical tape educe the appearance of scars.

Special Clothing:
Breasts will usually become hard, sore, and sensitive after breast augmentation surgery.  Special clothing can be recommended for patients during breast augmentation recovery period to help reduce the swelling and aid in making the breasts look normal.  Bras, wraps, vests, and foam garments are some of different types of special clothing that can help make your recovery period more comfortable.

Although doctors try to make the surgery and breast augmentation recovery period as simple as possible, there are things that you should know.

Other things to Consider:

Be Patient:
Breast augmentation surgery is not a simple procedure and this means it will take time to recover from the surgery.  While there  are differences in complications among the different types of breast augmentation surgeries, even something like a simple breast lift is a surgical procedure with potential complications.  That simply means that it has risks that may crop up if everything does not go as planned.  Consult your doctor before having your procedure.

Talk To Your Surgeon:

Breast Augmentation Singapore

Learn more about Breast Augmentation in the country of Singapore

The amount of time required to recover after breast augmentation surgery depends on the type of surgery you opt to have and the expertise your surgeon.  Consult our resources on Breast Augmentation Singapore and talk to your doctor before your procedure, so you know what to expect. In general, the larger the breast augmentation surgical procedure the more difficult it is to perform.  The larger procedures may also have a longer recovery period.  On the other hand, minor corrective surgeries often require only a week of recovery time.

Immediately after breast augmentation surgery, you will begin the recovery process. It is important to take good care of yourself while in recovery mode so that your body heals in the best way possible.

Get sufficient sleep and rest
You will feel very tired and drained for many days after the breast surgery, so ensure you get adequate rest.  You may have a feeling of tightness around your breast, since the skin is adjusting to the new breast size and implants.  There may be sensitivity in your breasts and nipples just after the surgery.  Your doctor will prescribe breast massage and other exercises to help relieve any discomfort you may experience.  While you heal from soreness and sensitivity of the breasts, your surgeon may ask you to wear a post-operative bra, jogging bra or compression bandage to support your breasts.

If your breasts are very sensitive and tender, your doctor may advise you to avoid wearing a bra for a while after your surgery.

If your surgery is just a simple procedure, your doctor may advise you that you can continue working a few days after your surgery.

Over the next couple weeks

Don’t take part in any strenuous exercise or activities that involve the use of muscles in your arms and chest.  Doing this could increase your blood pressure and pulse rate, not to mention make the healing process longer for your breast implants.

Your breasts may remain tender, swollen and sensitive to physical touch for more than a month after the surgery.  If you experience any swelling, redness, or high fever after having your breast augmentation surgery, you should contact and consult your doctor immediately.

Breast augmentation and breast reduction recovery can take anywhere from just a few weeks to a month or more.  In general the more complicated or larger the surgery the longer the recovery time.