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Rhinoplasty Singapore

Rhinoplasty Singapore:

Rhinoplasty is just one of the many forms of plastic surgery.  When looking for Singapore plastic surgery, here are 3 things to keep in mind:

  1. Rhinoplasty (or nose reshaping) is among the most difficult of all cosmetic surgeries— poor surgical technique can lead to undesired results, so choose your surgeon carefully.
  2. No result is ever absolutely perfect, but an accomplished surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty will more often come close. Without experience, artistic skill and technical expertise, a good cosmetic outcome is all but impossible.
  3. State-of-the-art rhinoplasty can transform a misshapen nose, sometimes dramatically, but the basic architecture can only change so much. Be realistic.

Common Questions:

How much is a nose job?

There are 2 different types, primary and revisionary. You can get the surgery including operating room, anasthesia, and surgeon fee for as low as $9,000 and upwards of $19,000.  A non surgical nose job (where no invasive surgery is done) will most likely cost less.

To find the best plastic surgeon, you have to be careful and make sure they are a board certified surgeon.  In the best case scenario, your surgeon’s speciality should be rhinoplasty.

The rhinoplasty cost will also depend on how much time the surgeon takes in the operating room. The average primary rhinoplasty (which means making the nose smaller but also functionally stronger) could take 3 to 4 hours.


Is it possible to just fix the tip of the nose without doing extensive plastic surgery?


There are many different kinds of nose surgery.  Some examples include: non-surgical nose jobs with fillers, silicone nose implants, and traditional surgical rhinoplasty.

When patients start researching cosmetic surgery for their nose, they do it because there’s just something about their nose they don’t like.

Common examples are:

-There are some bumps on their nose.
-They think their nose is too wide.
-Their nose seems bulbous.
-The tip seems to stick out longer than they want.

For patients just concerned about the tip of their nose, it’s important in nose surgery to remember that you want to look at the nose as a whole.

For a very proportioned, very smooth, and very balanced result, that usually includes nose reshaping of the nasal bones and nasal cartilage. That is a full rhinoplasty.

In cases where the patient already has nasal bones that are quite narrow and quite elegant and just don’t like the tip of their nose, a nose job where only the tip is modified can be performed.


Read this patient’s story…

Rhinoplasty Singapore

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“A Nose Job …. Why?”

I had always been a self-conscious child. I was chubby, I was short, I hated sport, I had big eyes and big cheeks. I was very dark skinned (yay, 1 win!) but I was NOT the cutest kid in my opinion. I grew to be a chubby pre-teen and then an even chubbier teenager. My body was definitely something that annoyed me but it was not my biggest concern. In my eyes, my nose was target number one. It was hideous. I hated it. When I looked in a mirror or any glass with a strong enough reflection, I would just stare at my nose. I would spend hours staring in the mirror trying to work out how I could position my face in photos so that my nose didn’t look so ugly. I never quite worked it out so whenever I look back at photos from before my rhinoplasty I just notice that wonky thing in the middle of my face.

I have always believed that if you don’t like something, change it, and it was time to apply that theory to my nose.

Rhinoplasty Singapore